Is a Ring doorbell classed as CCTV?

The Ring Video Doorbell is an increasingly popular feature in a growing number of homes. Combining a classic door notification device with surveillance elements, it appears to blur the line between a doorbell and a CCTV system. This blurring can lead to some confusion about what might be required in terms of GDPR law and CCTV signage. Is a ring doorbell classed as CCTV? What do you need to consider in terms of signage?

Does a Ring doorbell count as a security system?

The Ring Video Doorbell when used on its own does not usually qualify as CCTV. This is because it typically only covers one part of the house, such as the front door. In most cases, this means that any footage captured is within the boundaries of the property. This means that the Ring Video doorbell will usually be exempt under Article 2(2)(a) of the UK GDPR which frees systems used primarily for personal and domestic purposes from GDPR requirements.

However, during a legal case, a judge ruled that a Ring camera system collected data outside the boundaries of the defendant’s property due to the camera’s wide field of view. Footage was regularly captured of a neighbour as she drove in and out of her driveway, taking the system outside of the personal and household exemption.

So the answer to the question is a Ring doorbell classed as CCTV is that in most cases it isn’t, but you need to assess the extent of the area that it is surveying. If the camera’s wide field of view is capturing footage beyond the property boundaries, then you will need to follow the GDPR requirements for CCTV.

Do you need a CCTV sign for a Ring doorbell?

Whether or not your Ring Video doorbell installation requires signage will depend on several factors, including the location of the doorbell, and whether it captures images beyond your private property boundary.

If you use a Ring doorbell solely for personal and household purposes, such as monitoring your front door, the UK GDPR provides an exemption for purely personal or household activities. In this instance, you will not need to display a CCTV sign.

If on the other hand, the camera’s field of view extends beyond your boundary, displaying a clear and visible sign is highly advisable.

While a Ring doorbell is not a traditional CCTV system, displaying a CCTV sign near the doorbell can enhance transparency and ensure compliance with data protection laws

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