IP CCTV Systems – CCTV Systems

Modern IP Cameras now offer greater performance, image quality, and recording quality, and can be linked to other systems to offer a complete security system.

IP CCTV  and IP cameras are now much more than a simple deterrent, as today’s leading technology offers much more than the norm of fixed image recording. Providing greater protection for your premises, employees/customers, and assets.

Custom alerts and triggers available with IP Cameras and CCTV systems

Our CCTV systems can use video analytics to enable complex rules to be added, generating custom alarms. These events are highly customisable and allow us to tailor your security system to fit your specific requirements.

Objects can be monitored so that if they are removed, or not in the expected position it will trigger an alert. They can also generate alarms/recordings, or fire triggers based on the direction in which an object travels in or the colour of an object. The system can then be used to record high definition video, and be set up to track things like car number plates using ANPR, or specific people using facial recognition.

IP CCTV Systems Designed for you

With over 20 years of experience in the business, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver a first-class CCTV solution for you. We work closely with companies like HikVision to provide you with the latest security technology, ensuring you can take advantage of new developments to get complete protection.

Most of the equipment we use is expandable and allows for integration with existing or future systems. As a result, your business and requirements won’t outgrow your security systems, giving you the ability to add or to remove areas or equipment as required. If your system needs to be expanded or upgraded, you avoid the cost of installing a whole new system.