Remote CCTV systems to keep you safe

Don’t let the dark nights and bad weather be the reason you miss out on capturing important footage.  The dark nights are here and insurance claims are set to increase as criminals have the perfect opportunity. You may have CCTV but to what effect? It’s important to regularly review your CCTV system and its location to ensure it is providing you with footage to capture all incidents accurately. You could also consider a remote CCTV system to ensure that there is always somebody keeping a watchful eye on your assets.

All businesses have different security needs dependent on the building and location, but they all share a common goal, it is essential for the system to provide fast, clear and accurate footage at any moment.

We have recently been installing Revisions new VOLANT PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera. This camera is ground-breaking in the industry and certainly lives up to Redvision’s tough reputation. The VOLANT will provide you with a fast, yet quiet PTZ camera that enhances your security in providing the most accurate footage.

Drawing on Redvision’s experience they have created an outdoor surveillance camera that is robust to manage in most hazardous and corrosive of situations.

Key features include:

  • Durable aluminium body
  • Toughen glass camera window
  • Flexible pan and tilt axis
  • Quiet movement
  • Silicon wiper for outdoor use
  • Military -level accuracy
  • Covers 150m
  • Pans at 360°/second
  • Slow movement to track a target at 300m
  • Recovers to position if knocked out of place

This exceptional camera is ready for every eventuality. To find out about remote CCTV system instillation get in touch!

CCTV is more about just keeping you safe. Crime can also have an impact on your finances and well-being. To find out more about Redvisions VOLANT and how it could secure your location contact us on 01925 568 190 or email