What to look for when having a security system installed for your business

All businesses have different security needs depending on what the company does, its location and its needs. The right system can monitor and protect both the interior and exterior of business properties, meaning that you can be assured your business will stay safe day or night.

Here are some of the things you should be looking out for to secure your business:

Access Control Systems:

Access Control Systems can protect businesses with sensitive data onsite, ensuring that your employees don’t mishandle any information, whether intentionally or unintentionally. For the interior, the access control systems can range from more basic swipe cards and keypads to fingerprint readers and eye and facial recognition scanners. For the exterior, you can install barriers, sliding gates and vehicle recognition into the system, so that no one can access your property or building without a security pass.

Fire alarm systems:

For the general protection of your business and property daytoday, fire alarm systems are a necessity, and video surveillance is highly recommended. Fire alarm systems are required by law and are there to keep yourself, your employees, and your property safe 24/7. Video surveillance allows you to have eyes in every room of your building, so you can monitor health and safety, hazards, and much more during the workday. Video security systems fitted to the outside of your building can deter potential criminals.

Intruder alarm systems:

If you want to secure your building whilst it’s empty, you will need an intruder alarm system. These systems can be tailored to your building’s specifications, and detect and alert you to any break-in attempt. High-grade burglar alarms can have an automated authority response, which will have the police dispatched immediately to the location even when you’re not on site.

Smart device security

Smart device security is essential for any business that has more than one office or location, or a property that may have issues with break-ins or vandalism at night, such as a warehouse. This allows the owner to view, monitor, and manage any of the aforementioned security systems installed in any of their properties. For instance, a business owner that has smartphone integration with their CCTV systems can check their warehouse’s video feed while they’re at the head office or vice versa.

As detailed above, providing your business and property with security systems is a wise investment that can protect your assets and employees further down the line. All alarm systems can be tailored to your specific business size and its subsequent needs; we’re here to ensure that you, your employees, and your building, remain safe and secure at all times.

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