Protive’s Top 10 ways for small businesses to elevate their security

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of business, where new ventures emerge daily, poses the challenge of safeguarding your dreams as a new business owner.

What proactive steps can you take to fortify your enterprise?

Security Audit:

Identify vulnerabilities and implement necessary improvements. Stay one step ahead with a comprehensive security audit!

Secure Doors and Windows:

The first line of defence. Upgrade to sturdy materials and reliable locks for extra protection.

Surveillance Cameras:

Keep a watchful eye on your premises 24/7. Deterrence and evidence, all in one!

Visible Signage:

Send a clear message – your business is protected! Visible signs act as deterrents, discouraging potential threats.

Security Lighting:

Illuminate the path to safety. Well-lit areas reduce hiding spots and enhance overall security.

Intruder Alarm:

Sound the alert! A reliable alarm system ensures swift response and minimises the risk of break-ins.

Access Controls:

Limit entry to authorised personnel only. Control who has access to critical areas for enhanced security.

Inventory Control:

Know what’s in stock and detect discrepancies early. Effective inventory control is a key component of overall security.

Response Plan:

Be prepared for the unexpected. Develop a comprehensive response plan to handle emergencies with precision

Collaborate with Neighbours & Law Enforcement:

Build a network of support. Work together with neighbours and law enforcement for a safer community.

Have you just opened up a new business or are looking at opening up in 2024?

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