Which access control system is best for your business?

Security is important for any business. There is a lot to consider when looking at which access control system is right for your company. We’ll advise you on the best system for your business, inside and out, to ensure your needs are completely covered. Here are some possibilities to choose from:

Biometric Access Control

There are a variety of different options to control who can open doors, both externally and internally, in your business premises. People are more comfortable with biometric access controls in their day-to-day life; smartphones have introduced fingerprint verification into everybody’s pocket. There is more than just that to biometric systems. The Facial Touchscreen Biometric Terminal from Genie, for example, features multiple authentication methods, including face, fingerprint, card and pin to offer complete control. The system is perfect for areas where, for safety, security or privacy, you need to ensure the right person is able to gain entry.

Proximity Control Systems

A proximity control system gives a card, or keyring, to your staff so they can let themselves in. Using radio frequencies the staff member just holds the pass a few centimetres away to open the door. Each pass can be coded to each individual to ensure that security is kept to a premium. As well as making it easier for staff to clock in and out, the system offers more information, linking to security management software. It is perfect for places with larger staff numbers.

Audio / video entry system

A security intercom is more than just for buzzing people in. Checks can be made via video and audio. The system can be wired in with multiple entries and be controlled from a central point to ensure accountability for entry is with the right person. These devices can also be integrated with other systems to ensure another layer of security. It is a good fit for businesses that need to ensure security but expects a number of visitors to arrive on site.

Making the right decision for your company’s access control is an important step, whether upgrading or getting a new system. Let us guide you through the process. Contact us today.