CCTV Signs legal requirement

CCTV used to be preserved for public spaces, public buildings, and commercial buildings with particular security needs. Over recent decades, CCTV has become more commonplace with changes in technology making it more accessible for a wider range of users. Domestic CCTV can enhance home security, while businesses of all sizes can secure a range of security benefits by installing a modern CCTV system. In this article we will be answering the question of are CCTV signs a legal requirement

Is it a legal requirement to have a sign for CCTV?

Understanding CCTV signs legal requirement and obligations is essential if you intend to install a CCTV system at your premises. CCTV images are classified as personal data, meaning they are subject to GDPR Law. This is a body of EU privacy legislation that was incorporated into UK law. This means that people need to be aware that they are being recorded. If you are storing the images you will be classed as controller and processor of the data and be governed by GDPR rules.

When it comes to domestic CCTV systems, what’s important is the scope of the area that is being surveyed. If your cameras do not capture footage beyond the property boundary then you will not be required to comply with GDPR. This means that CCTV signs legal requirement will be less strict, but it can still be advisable to display signs indicating the presence of cameras for anyone who enters the boundaries of your property.

If CCTV cameras capture images of people who walk beyond the boundary of your property, you will need to install external signage to make them aware they may be being recorded.

If you are installing a CCTV at a commercial property you will need to display visible and legible CCTV signs. These should indicate who is operating the system as well as contact details.

What are the rules about CCTV signs?

The CCTV signs legal requirement is that your signage should be appropriate for your premises and the extent of your CCTV coverage. Signs should be clearly visible and readable. If it isn’t obvious, they should also include the details of the organisation that is operating the system.

Do I need a sign for CCTV at my house?

The need and extent of any CCTV signs legal requirement at a domestic property depends largely on the scope of the system installed. If your CCTV is restricted to the boundary of your property and at no point surveys beyond the boundary, then no signage is legally required.

However, if your CCTV captures images from beyond the boundary, then clear signage will need to be displayed on the boundary of the property. Unlike signage at commercial premises, this will not need to display information about who is operating the system.

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