Are Dome Cameras Best for CCTV?

Dome CCTV cameras have grown in popularity over recent years. With its dome-shaped housing, all types of dome CCTV cameras provide users with several advantages and features. What are the advantages of dome CCTV cameras, how do bullet or dome CCTV camera options compare, and how do you choose the right type of camera for your CCTV system?

What is a dome CCTV camera?

A dome CCTV camera takes its name from its distinctive dome-shaped design. This design gives the camera a discreet and unobtrusive appearance, making the camera less noticeable. A dome CCTV camera can blend seamlessly into its surroundings, providing extra protection against potential tampering or vandalism

Dome CCTV cameras are widely used in a variety of security applications, including retail stores, office buildings, public spaces, and residential properties to provide comprehensive monitoring and enhanced security.  The CCTV dome camera price can differ considerably depending on the range of features required.


Are dome security cameras good?

There are a range of options when it comes to CCTV cameras so it’s important to consider your unique requirements. CCTV camera bullet vs dome camera is one key consideration, with each type of camera having a range of advantages. Dome cameras provide comprehensive surveillance capabilities combined with a vandalism-resistant design, making them an ideal choice for busy public spaces.


What types of dome CCTV cameras are there?

Dome CCTV cameras come in a range of options, providing different functionality to meet the varying security needs of different settings. Dome CCTV cameras are available in both outdoor and indoor options and are typically equipped with features such as infrared night vision, wide-angle lenses, and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) functionality.


Are bullet cameras better?

Dome vs bullet CCTV camera comparisons focus on functions such as range and visual impact. Dome cameras have a discreet design making them suitable for locations where there may be a risk of vandalism such as public spaces. Alternatively, a bullet CCTV camera can provide a visual deterrent notifying would-be intruders of a CCTV security system. Bullet cameras will often feature a longer range than dome cameras with the latter often having a wider field of vision.

A CCTV specialist will be able to advise which kind of camera would best suit your needs.


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