Protive Security Sponsor Rugby League

Protive Security, the powerhouse in cutting-edge security solutions, has boldly stepped into the thrilling
realm of sports sponsorship, adding a touch of high-stakes excitement to the clash between St Helens
RFC and Warrington Wolves.

The rivalry between St Helens RFC and Warrington Wolves is a storied and intense saga that has
captivated rugby league enthusiasts for years. Dating back to 2010, when Warrington Wolves emerged as
title contenders, the competition between these two rugby powerhouses has been nothing short of fierce
and exhilarating.

In an exclusive position as the match day programme sponsor, Protive seized the opportunity to unveil the vast scale of its protective prowess. From securing stadiums bustling with thousands of passionate fans to safeguarding the sanctity of families in the comfort of their own homes, Protive showcased its
commitment to fortifying every facet of life.

The game unfolded as a spectacle of good spirits and intense competition, culminating in a victorious
display by the reigning Super League Champions, St Helens, who triumphed with a gripping 16-8 victory.

Protive Security, not just a silent guardian, but an active participant in the pulse-pounding drama of
sportsmanship and triumph!