Picture-Perfect Security: How CCTV Alarms Safeguard a Couples Forever Home

Moving into a new home is exciting, but it also brings a sense of vulnerability. Our recent clients, a wonderful middle-aged couple, found themselves in the embrace of a new community. Eager to turn their house into a home, they sought the reassurance of added security. 

As proud business owners, the couple understood the importance of safeguarding not just their possessions but the tranquility of their haven. A break-in wasn’t just a threat to their property; it was a disruption to their peace of mind. 

Nestled on the corner of a quiet cul de sac, their new abode needed security that matched its unique layout. 


Our recommendation? The Hikvision 8MP AcuSense Motorized Varifocal Turret Network Camera – a technological marvel equipped with a motorized varifocal lens, intelligent classification of human and vehicle targets, audio and alarm interfaces, and resilient water and dust resistance. This camera promised not just security but peace of mind. 

Placing security equipment strategically was our priority. The Hikvision camera, with its wide field of view, granted the couple an eagle-eyed perspective of their property. Day or night, whether at home, in the office, or vacationing far away, they could rest easy knowing that their cherished space was under vigilant watch. 

A seamless blend of technology and human touch, creating an environment where the couple could thrive without worry. Our client’s property is now more than just a house; it’s a sanctuary, watched over by cutting-edge security that doesn’t compromise on the warmth of a home. 

In the end, it’s not just about protecting valuables; it’s about preserving the intangible sense of security that turns a house into a haven. 

Why Opt for Protive? 

  • Customised solutions for your tranquility 
  • Ensuring maximum security with minimal disturbance 
  •  A trusted and dependable professional in the security industry