Electronic Security System Installation – Warrington

Background Information:

PQ Corporation approached Protive as they wanted to install a new electronic security system at one of their sites based in Warrington, Cheshire. They are a global company who sell speciality inorganic performance chemicals and catalysts.

PQ Corporation decided to upgrade their security measures after the unauthorised use of their site, which lasted for over a week.

The people who gained access to the property damaged the original security barriers when they successfully gained access, also causing damage to the site itself. This had a negative effect on the day to day use of the site. It also prevented the use of the site until new security measures could be put in place.

They needed a solution that would control access, record vehicles coming in and out of the site. This enabled communication between security and other parts of the organisation.

The Solution:

To meet PQ Corporations requirements:

  • We installed 2 sliding gates and 1 automated 6-metre concrete barrier. With 1 for the main entrance and a further 2 to control access to the staff entrance areas, this created a complete access control system.
    • Acting as a physical barrier and a psychological deterrent, barriers and gates are one layer of an effective security solution for a car park. Specifically, the concrete barrier ensures that access via entrance is completely blocked, and safely secured.
  • CCTV
    • This provided another layer to the electronic security system. CCTV actively discourages those trying to gain access illegally. Also allowing security to safely monitor a site and respond quickly.
  • A new ANPR (automated number plate recognition) system that monitors vehicles accessing the site.
    • ANPR systems are a reliable, accurate and cost-effective way of recording vehicles using a car park. Therefore, allowing you to collect information such as time of arrival/departure.
  • An IP network Intercom system directly linking the security lodges and reception.
    • IP systems provide high quality, and are both scalable and flexible, while also benefiting from being easy to install.